How to choose and book a serviced flat in Minsk

People with previous experience of daily rent in Minsk most likely have criteria to choose an apartment by. Those who never had to rent an apartment before may experience certain difficulties.

Below you can find a list of criteria to be used when selecting an apartment for daily rent.

  • Apartment size. If you travel to Minsk alone, renting a place with more than two rooms is necessary if having separate space for work and recreation is important. Also, in cases when business meetings are planned to be held at home.
  • Comfort level. As a rule, estate agencies offer Minsk apartments of several comfort levels at a corresponding price. Most common apartment categories include economy, standard and VIP. The choice depends on your financial capabilities and preferred comfort level. Most city visitors tend to choose apartments of a standard comfort level.
  • Location. As for any big city traffic jams and crowded public transport are typical for Minsk. Thus it makes sense to rent an apartment near the place where you plan to be most often or it can be a place near a subway station at least. Tourists coming to enjoy city sights tend to rent apartments facing Nezavisimosti (Independence) avenue in the city center. During exhibitions, conferences, seminars and concerts it is natural to rent an apartment near exhibition or concert halls.
  • Secured parking lot. Choosing an apartment based on a parking availability would not be smart. However, if you own a car a guarded parking lot or an underground garage becomes very comfortable. Same goes for closely placed shops, beauty salons, fitness and shopping centers. Having all of these around is not always necessary, but can be quite nice.
  • Equipment. It is usual for daily rented apartments to have all the essential equipment while those of high class come with Internet, satellite and cable TV, up-to-date audio and video systems. Importance of having these depends on tenant’s personal needs. For example, a washing machine is necessary if you plan to rent a place for a long term.

It is also important to check the presence of loud neighbors, offices, cafes and restaurants around. Bedrooms facing a noisy street can cause problems to people suffering from insomnia.

These recommendations will help to easily choose a place in Minsk meeting your needs and requirements.