Visa to Belarus

Practically all foreign citizens intending to visit Belarus need to apply for an entry visa. Exceptions are citizens of the Community of Independent States (apart from Turkmenistan), Mongolia, Cuba as well as Serbia and Montenegro (for a 30 days visit). Owners of diplomatic passports of the following countries don’t require an entry visa as well: Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Vietnam, India, Iran, China, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

Getting an entry visa to Belarus is possible in diplomatic missions, Belarusian consular offices and in the main consular directorate of the Ministry of International Affairs located in the National airports “Minsk-2” and “Minsk-1”.

To apply for a Belarusian visa it is necessary to provide a documents suite consisting of:

1)      questionnaire

2)      passport photograph

3)      visa supporting documents

4)      other documents (depending on a visit goal and visa type)

5)      passport (validity date should equal or excess 90 days of visa validity)

6)      consular fee receipt


There are several visa types in Belarus:

B – transit

C – short-term (valid for 90 days)

D – long-term (valid for one year with a 90 days residence permission)
Belarusian visa is granted within 5 business days. It is possible to receive a visa within 48 hours paying a double fee amount. Regular cost of a visitor or business single entry visa ranges from $40 to $80.

To get a business visa one needs to provide an original of an invitation from a legal person officially registered in the Republic of Belarus.

To get a visitor visa an individual living in Belarus should supply you with an invitation filed by a department of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. In case with a visitor visa embassy, consulate or consular office in “Minsk – 2” and “Minsk – 1” airports accept only an original of an invitation and invitation copy is not accepted. Multi-entry visitor visa for one year is granted to a foreign citizen with close relatives living in Belarus or who can supply an original of a corresponding invitation. The invitation of such type should be received at departments of the Passport and Visa Service of the Republic of Belarus.

To receive a tourist visa one should supply an original agreement of tourist services, a travel plan and an intercession from a legal person provided by a tour operator with a license permitting international tourist activities.

If necessary visitor and business visas can be extended for 90 days. To extend a visa one should apply to the Directorate of Internal Affairs of a corresponding Provincial Executive Committee and to Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to prolong registration on the territory of the country (specific office location will depend on a place of residence of a foreign citizen).

Tourist visa cannot be extended.


Receiving visa in “Minsk – 2” and “Minsk – 1” national airports

As a rule people applying for a Belarusian visa in consular offices of the national airports “Minsk-2” and “Minsk-1” are foreign citizens arriving from countries without Belarusian consulates on their territories. Nevertheless, citizens from countries with Belarusian visa services can also apply for a visa in the airports. Consular office operates 24 / 7.

To receive an entry visa in a consular office in the airports the following is required:

-         Belarusian tour operator intercession

-         tour agreement

-         passport

-         policy of insurance

-         filled-in questionnaire

-         one color photo (3×4)


The list of fees for a visa in consular offices in the “Minsk-2” and “Minsk-1” national airports

Country                                                                                             Visa Cost

Countries with consulates                                                         180 euro
Countries without consulates                                                  90 euro
Great Britain                                                                                    342 dollars
Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia                                      180 euro
Malta, Slovenia                                                                              90 euro
Turkmenistan                                                                                 150 dollars
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland                                         75 euro
USA                                                                                                     420 dollars